11 January 2017

The traveler’s new year’s resolutions

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Travel new year’s resolutions


This week the year is getting back into full swing and before you know it the December holiday will be long forgotten. It’s also that time of the year when all the new year’s resolutions are (hopefully) still intact. Now any avid traveler or self-respecting holiday maker has already planned some trips for 2017. (We have, off to India in mid Feb and Mauritius some time in September)

Trips abroad are great but South Africa has so much on offer. We’re challenging you to travel like a local or a Louwkul if you will. What does this entail? It simply means to change your perception, change your point of view, change your plans. Go visit a museum or a gallery in your own city, go indulge at that restaurant you’ve been postponing for so long. Most importantly go and engage some people and activities you normally wouldn’t. Support local tourism and also, go read travel your own city.

This is a drastic change of perception, not to be tried at home. 

The Challenge

Fellow blogger and friend 2Summers gets it, she has set out to discover things she hasn’t done or seen in Gauteng and do a blog post each week for the entire 52 weeks of 2017. Based in Johannesburg it will definitely be follow worthy at #Gauteng52

Interesting market textures


We are a tad less brave but as hinted last year with some things to do around Pretoria over December, we are going to have a big theme on the blog this year. Pretoria isn’t the most traveler friendly city. The CBD is mostly filled with Government buildings, things are often hidden, we don’t have a Red bus tour or a beach and we’re fighting the perception of being a bunch of conservatives. Pretoria does however have Jacarandas, the Union Buildings and a range of things to do if you’re willing to seek them out. This is our plan, we’ll make it our mission to find the best things on offer within Pretoria and a 60min range from it.   

Where do you fit in?

You can get involved in these ways;

  1. If you’re based in Pretoria you can easily follow along and go try some of our ideas for yourself.
  2. If you have some ideas for what we should check out, drop us a mail here.
  3. If you are in any other city go explore your own area and tell us all about it #LikeALouwkul


Written by The Louwkuls

a guy, a girl & an old land rover

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