22 August 2016

Travel your own city

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This might sound counterintuitive but sometimes you don’t have to go away to travel. The going away part is just what gets you out of your cycle.


Since Nadja just got back from Mauritius and we’re in between trips we find ourselves in this routine part of life that we dread so much.

Break the cycle

We recommend to take a break and visit your own city with the perspective of a tourist. Now we’re both born and bred in Pretoria so this isn’t the easiest of things as we’ve gotten used to everything here.

The cheat is to approach it like you would a travel destination. Do the research, get a map, plan your day and maybe even try a different form of transport.

See it like a tourist;

  • Coffee shops
  • Museums
  • Churches
  • Galleries
  • Parks
  • Architecture
  • Restaurants

The list goes on and the great thing about traveling in your own city is that it opens your eyes to opportunities. You get to see the things you commonly just pass by daily. We’re definitely taking on this challenge and so should you.

We’ll be sharing some of our louwkul Pretoria travels and we’re rolling out a cool new series later this month called the Louwkul Insiders.

Walk Pretoria

If you’re around and you want to see Pretoria from a tourist’s perspective, now is your chance. In collaboration with 012 Central, Adriaan is hosting another walk through Pretoria on the 27th of August in celebration of women’s month. More info here. 

Subscribe to the newsletter on our home page for all the info on the walk, we’ll even throw in a free map of Church Square with amazing historic images.

Also tell us what’s your must visit places when traveling in your own city or abroad.


Written by The Louwkuls

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