23 June 2020

What we’ve learned in lockdown

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What we’ve learned in lockdown…


It’s fair to assume 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year for the entire world. It’s been a bunch of firsts and being contained within your own four walls have resulted in many peculiar endeavours.

As a human race we’ve probably never had so much disposable time, oh unless you have kids of course, but somehow we were all forced into situations that made us reconsider our way of life. In SA the banning of our national sport, drinking excessively, resulted in a surge of home-brewing. We also succumbed to this patriotic act, our family recipe will follow.

People ran marathons on balconies, sang operas from their bathrooms, drank eggs and baked banana breads. We also baked, recipes to follow. Teachers taught and lawyers fought. Most of this via an app that up until a few weeks ago had suspiciously dodgy security protocols. The world turned billions of meetings into emails.

Without taking away from the serious health and financial devastation that Covid-19 has caused we’ll be sharing what we have learned or attempted to learn during this time over the next few posts.

Considering this is far from over in South Africa, this would be an opportune moment to get involved. If you have done anything ridiculous or worth while trying, we would love to hear about it. We’ll spread the love and share some tips for coping, keeping fit and basically baking everything and anything lockdown related.

Stay safe

Written by The Louwkuls

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