21 Jul 2016

Sundowners like the Louwkuls

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When traveling like a local you have to know where the best spots for sundowners are around the world. Now we haven’t been everywhere but since we definitely enjoy a good sundowner we’ve compiled a list of our best spots to soak up the last rays in some places, without further ado:


The city of love must have been dubbed as such after a sunset next to the Seine river. Especially by Pont Neuf near the Notre Dame, but anywhere you can find a spot will do as it fills up quickly between 5-7pm. In summer the sun only sets at around 10pm so we’d recommend you find a super marche and stock up.

Cape Town 

We discovered this little isolated spot on our engagement trip back in 2011. The rocks overlooking Clifton and Camp’s bay beach make for a dramatic viewpoint. It’s a bit of a maze through the posh suburb of Bantry Bay so just let google maps do the work. You will most likely not be alone so remember your manners and do not litter. Definitely pair this view with any decent wine from the region.

Florence, Italy

The Piazzale Michelangelo boasts a serious panoramic view of Florence and since the bronze replica of the David statue isn’t a big deal, if you know what we mean, this makes for ideal conditions to sip some Aperol Spritz while watching the colours change over the city.  


Mumbai, India 

India isn’t known for enjoying alcohol, well not in public at least. In any event if you find yourself in Mumbai you’re going to want to be at the Queen’s necklace during sunset. If at all possible take a partner as this isn’t only ideal for a secret sundowner but for some serious smooching which isn’t generally condoned in India.   

Vic Falls – Zambesi River Cruise 

You’re in Africa, now do yourself a favour and book one of the sunset cruises. Don’t let them fool you into thinking you’ll spot the big 5 but the sunset is insane, probably the best we’ve ever seen.  Also don’t be fancy opt in for the booze cruise as this includes snacks and drinks and makes for quite the floating party.


So if you’re all done catching Pokemon, go catch the last light and let us know where your favourite sundowner spots are.


Written by The Louwkuls

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  1. Ina 21 Jul 2016

    The cruise on the river at Vic Falls is definitely worthwhile. I can add Buenos Aires as a pretty neat spot and my ultimate favourite the Rhyn Valley. near Rudesheim and Bingen.

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