6 Sep 2016

The (not so) commercial Mauritius

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People love Mauritius and by people I mean a lot of people. It’s also no secret that it has become more commercial in the last few years, luckily there is still more to this island than just sun bathing, eating and drinking (not saying that those are all that bad as well). Whether it’s for a family vacation, honeymoon, anniversary or just a great spoil, South Africans especially love Mauritius and being only a 4 hour flight away it’s an all year round destination. 


My whirlwind visit departed with British Airways, they have flights once a week on Saturdays, which not a lot of people actually know and they have great departure times so you don’t lose any Island time.


I stayed in 6 of the Beachcomber resorts and experienced all on offer during a typical week in Mauritius and I must say, you cannot go wrong. This hotel group was one of the first on the island and they know what they are doing and what island life is about.

The shortest hotel reviews ever

Le Canonnier – 4 star (Awesome if you want to party or have a more casual family holiday) 

Le Mauricia – 4 star (Vibrant, good for budget honeymooners or couples and close to Grand Baie)

Le Victoria – 4 star Superior (Great value for money and stunning beach)

Paradis – 5 star Superior (Great for golfers and adventurers)

Trou aux Biches – 5 star Superior  (Great for a luxurious treat, also my favourite)

Dinarobin – 5 Star Deluxe (Luxurious and great for those looking for a Spa getaway)

Royal Palm – 5 Star Exclusive (Uber luxurious and service is top notch, not for anyone on a budget)

Shandrani – 5 star (laid back luxury and great for watching the planes take-off)

If you want more info don’t hesitate to contact me

Now even with my partner in crime at home, I’m not the kind of girl that sits at the resort all day, I had opportunities to also explore the island a bit more which I would definitely recommend for anyone. The highlight was cruising around Chamarel on an electric bike, not only is the scenery beautiful, the bike also helps you so you do not have to do all the hard work, you’re on holiday after all!

Coffee, cycling and tortoises

You’ll typically spot the waterfall, coffee plantations and drive through the quaint villages which is worth the effort and gets you working off some of the resort buffet food and cocktails. The 7 Colour Earth is also in this area, here you can see this interesting phenomenon of different colours of sand settling in different layers, taste the local Chamarel coffee and see enormous tortoises.

Take a walk through Grand Baie

It feels just like a small seaside holiday destination, you can shop at the Grand Bazaar (bargaining is a must), buy fish straight from the sidewalk or just stroll around and explore. While you are there, also visit the Beach house restaurant for lunch, it’s owned by ex South African rugby player Cabous van der Westhuizen and the food as well as the scenery is fantastic.

Rum tasting at Rhumerie de Chamarel

No need to ask “where has the Rum gone” you can taste all the varieties of rum and take a tour through the rhumerie to see the processes of making rum. They also have a restaurant if you want to pair your rum with some food off course.

These are some of the not so obvious things to do and I’ll admit I didn’t expect to like Mauritius all that much, but the island surprised me and I’ll definitely go back.


This trip to Mauritius was courtesy of Pentravel and the Beachcomber group. As with all our posts, editorial control remains our own.

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