28 June 2016

Walk Pretoria

By In Life

Ever been curious about Pretoria, but didn’t feel like you can explore on your own, well now is your chance to get to know Snor City a little better!

Walk Pretoria

The walking tours were initially started to form part of the Cool Capital Biennale of 2014. The walks were promoted with the concept of an “open city” at its core. This historic war principle of declaring a city open and conflict free in order to protect its significant landmarks felt very relevant at the time.  Similar to the way in which the walks encouraged people to come and explore their city with a tourist’s perspective to rediscover its treasures.

Since then the walking tours, which were mainly organised through Instagram, have evolved but still focus on promoting the city and its historical features to a range of curious enough attendees. Walks vary in focus and topic but provides access to buildings and areas not commonly visited, sparking some excitement for the inner city’s diversity and culture. Walks include prominent historical sites such as Church Square, the Union Building, the Old Jewish Synagogue and the City hall precinct but  also intrigue walkers with new developments such as the TRT stations, the 012 Central Sheds and the new Lilian Ngoyi square which is still under construction.


This very vivid manner of illustrating the benefits of density, the walkability of the city and the economic potential it holds while being told about the quirky fun facts of this old conservative town has been well received by many. Private walks have been done for small groups on request and partnering with 012 Central, a City Property initiative, walks are now offered monthly.


Trends seem to come and go but cities have always remained the core of society, the most intense centre, the place where ideas come together, where things happen. The renewal of our Capital is underway and the only real question is are you going to read about it in the paper or are you going to join on a walk and see for yourself.

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Written by The Louwkuls

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