13 Jul 2016

Good coffee for good

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Confusing title? Well at Vintage Coffee, a non profit coffee shop, you can have good coffee for a good cause, it’s simple like that. We attended the barista course at their new branch in Menlo Park and couldn’t resist sharing.

Brew it up at home

You drink coffee, you know what single origin means, you hang around at the counter and know your barista’s name, you probably even have all the gadgets at home, now why not learn how to make a decent cappuccino. (or a flat white if you’re hipster like that)

First things first, if you haven’t seen A film about coffee make a plan. If that doesn’t get your coffee juices flowing, nothing will.

Vintage Coffee

Kevin and Rebecca the founding couple of Vintage Coffee is a South African X Brazilian blend, pun intended. Kevin showed us the ropes and explained the difference between arabica and robusta. His love for coffee was pretty clear while talking about Vintage coffee’s special blend.

Some background about the history and process of getting the coffee cherries into beans was discussed but like everyone else we were eager to get our hands on that shiny machine.

Show your art

Now we won’t divulge the finer details but essentially after grinding, tamping and frothing the milk, the artist in you needs to step up. We attempted the basic heart shape foam art in varying levels of success. (Nadja’s was the best)

If you are worried about the theory, don’t be,the level of info was just enough to feel that you’re learning without it getting too serious. This is definitely a cool date night idea if you’re diy inclined, a coffee fanatic or just plain curious.

Green bean

Vintage coffee also runs a green bean program for the more serious coffee enthusiasts. They provide full barista training in exchange for working 1 shift a week for 3 months.


More coffee

Check out these coffee resources if your caffeine fix hasn’t been satisfied by now.

The next Barista course is 26 July at the Menlo Park branch

Know your coffee  – here

Coffee flavour wheel – here


Show us your barista art or even better let us know where your favourite coffee shop is.

Written by The Louwkuls

a guy, a girl & an old land rover

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