20 October 2016

Your ultimate travel companion

By In Life

Everybody needs a travel companion and finding the right one is almost as difficult as the whole soulmate business. Today we’re making it simple… Enter the Instax.

You might think what are they on about, but traveling is all about experiences and there is nothing quite like capturing them in the moment. Call it analogue, call it retro, you might even mistake it for being hipster but we figured if an image is worth a thousand words an Instax photo is probably worth somewhere around 10 000.

Adriaan in his suit the night before and a couple shot on the big day.

Before we get carried away here is the shortest summary of how Instant photography came to be;

The story goes that Edwin Land felt ashamed when his 3 year old daughter wanted to see the photo he took of her immediately after and this inspired him to develop the first instant camera in 1948, the Polaroid Land Model 95. Fast forward a few years and lots of models later Kodak and FujiFilm jumped onto the bandwagon as well. The Instax was Fuji’s version and it’s now probably the most accessible way to take instant photography.

Selfie tested

Now if you are anything like us, we tend to shy away from buying any of the cheesy curios or arbitrary ornamental things to bring back. Sure enough you always have that one or two key chains for relatives back home, but what we’ve found is a simple instax photo does the trick. We make a point of it to take an instax of all the major sites and anywhere else we feel is worthy. All of these photos make great tangible memories and they’re light and easy to fit in your luggage.

The slightly off colour and mostly weird composed pictures are timeless and something you can enjoy over and over if you rediscover your collection after a few years.

Perfect to for those awkward shots

Get your Instax on

Since we can’t really help you with finding your soulmate or a human travel companion we decided we will GIVE AWAY a Fuji Instax printer to one lucky reader.

This pocket size device links up with any wifi camera or phone and prints your instax moments on demand.

Winning is easy

To stand a chance of winning simply go like our facebook page and tag the person you’ll be taking your first instax selfie with. Easy as that!


Written by The Louwkuls

a guy, a girl & an old land rover

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