23 January 2017

Like a Louwkul: Marika in Pretoria

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What is this like a Louwkul thing


We are very excited to share our first of many in the series #LikeALouwkul. This monthly feature will help us expand our local knowledge and insight far beyond our capabilities. Be it through an online interaction, a travel acquaintance or a friend, like in this case, the feature will showcase both a city and a relevant “louwkul”. The set questions will give you some insight into the person and their suggested itinerary for one day in their city will be an insider guide for anyone passing through or a regular who is looking for something to do.  

Over to Marika Pretorius and her captivating sketches.


1. Who is Marika

Born as Margaretha Maria Pretorius, I am an artist who is passionate about the people and spaces of Pretoria and South Africa. I #DrawPretoria. You can find me here; Facebook, InstagramTwitter, Behance



My work is an interpretation of my experiences of Pretoria with a hopeful optimistic outlook. I want to take ownership and live with wonder and exploring curiosity in my city.  

Community, city planning, maps, architecture, locations, motion, movement and growth from the macro (bird’s eye view) to the micro inspire me.

Famous quote that has made a lasting impression on me:

Theodore Roosevelt –  “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”


2. Are you originally from Pretoria or how did you end up there?

Born in Pretoria, grew up in Pretoria East and studied at BA Information Design at University of Pretoria.



3. What is your day job or how do you pay the bills?

I’m a full time artist and illustrator, construction sketcher and information designer on the side for LIBERTREE illustration solutions pty (ltd).  http://www.libertree.co.za/

I do mural art work, location and construction drawings commissions, information graphics,

and regularly exhibit my work at Trent Gallery and Found Collective.



4. What makes Pretoria Special?

I love Pretoria primarily for the net of deep connections I have with Pretoria’s People, Pigeons and Places …

I believe the most significant places in our lives are the ones we have found authentic connections.


5. Share a fun fact about yourself or your city.

I’m Born on Reconciliation day,

my grandmother Maxi (Margaretha Maria) worked in the Union Buildings.

Surname Pretorius … Pretoria… get it ?!



The Pretoria Landmark Urban cycling sketch tour

*For the medium fit


8:00am Breakfast at Hazelwood market – 13th street Greenlyn Village Centre, Menlo Park

Remember to grab LUNCH here as it’s going to be a picnic later, also take a blanket and some sunscreen.  


Lets roll…

9:00 Head to the Union Buildings – It’s easy to park the cars and take the bicycles from there.


The lovely open view of the skyline of Pretoria is also a good place to start any adventure from .



9:30(ish) From here cycle towards the city centre.

Take the winding road down to Leyds street

Right into Stanza Bopape Street  and over Lion Bridge which crosses the Apies river.

Through Sammy Marks square into Church Square

Take the sidewalks for some window shopping on wheels, it makes for a bumpy yet fascinating ride.

*Remember it is not a race.


Take note of signs of heritage in the details of the city’s architecture and historic shopfronts.


10:30 When you reach Church Square – remember to pedal 5 laps around the Paul Kruger Statue, until most of the pigeons have taken flight.

*Peanuts make for ideal pigeon breakfast and the informal vendors on the square sell some in small bags.



From Church Square cycle South in Paul Kruger street past City Hall opposite the Old Transvaal Museum now Museum of Natural history.


Cycle past Melrose house in Jacob Mare street and enter into Burgers Park’s southern gate right across from the house. 


12:00-13:00 Lunch Picnic at Burger’s Park

Be sure to check out the greenhouse on the northern part of the park and the view back to Melrose house across Jacob Mare street.


From here you can return to Union Buildings cruising through the Sunnyside area via Nelson Mandela drive until you reach Edmond Street and battle uphill with Government road heading back to the cars. Alternatively if you’re feeling fit and in need off a coffee after lunch. 

My favourite coffee experience is a slight detour away at Tribeca coffee in the CBD. Do note they are only open on weekdays.


Dinner (If ice cream counts)

The best hand made ice cream and well deserved way to end this day is at Royal Danish.


Enjoy Pretoria


Written by The Louwkuls

a guy, a girl & an old land rover

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