30 May 2019

Like a Louwkul: Stephanie from Jack Rabbit Chocolatiers

By In Life

This month we talk to an Engineer turned Chocolatier, Stephanie Ceronio, who really made a name for herself with her out-of-this-world chocolates which are equal parts delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

If you attended our Valentine’s stroll you would have had a taste of these little pieces of heaven.


1. Who is Stephanie and the Jack Rabbit chocolatiers?

We are an artisanal chocolate studio creating tiny chocolate artworks. Each chocolate is lovingly hand painted and made using only the finest ingredients. As a rogue engineer I head up the operation and we enjoy making people or companies’  wildest chocolate dreams a realisation. We also create chocolates for special occasions or corporate gifts and you might even have had our creations in some of the finest restaurants in Pretoria.

You can find us at @JRChocolateStudio on Facebook and jackrabbit_chocolate on instagram.

Be sure to have a look at what we have to offer and you can even place online orders on our website



2. What is your day job or how do you pay the bills?

The chocolate studio is open 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday, and then we also have the online shop. Other than that I work at an engineering company on a Monday.


3. Best coffee in your city?

We have a soft spot for Lucky bread company in Brooklyn and Mall of Africa


4. Your favourite spot to relax

I’m not sure what it is to relax. I will have to get back to you about this one – well we, as the Louwkuls, have to say your job looks super fun so it won’t surprise us if your fave spot is right there in your chocolate studio.


5. Any plans for future collaborations, workshops, exciting news, etc?

Hopefully we will be able to have more and more painting workshops, which is a fun way for people to see what we do, and how much work goes into each little chocolate. We will also be opening a Jackrabbit Dessert bar, which will be open once a month initially and then once a week from then on out, with limited seating available.



We are quite sure that these chocolate pioneers are still heading for even more success and prizes than they already have. Be sure to visit them every Saturday for Ice Cream Social events where they have new and exciting ice-cream and chocolate combinations usually between 10:00 and 14:00. Alternatively pop over to their online shop to support these lovely local entrepreneurs.


Written by The Louwkuls

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