29 April 2019

Like a Louwkul: Gavin the Urban Barista

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If you missed the first installment of the #LikeALouwkul series we can’t blame you, it’s been a while. We have however picked up on our commitment to bring you more inside info and in this case the best barista on wheels.

For the readers who have joined us for a city walk with 012Central you probably know Gavin as the friendly guy in flip flops (plakkies) serving his great coffee from a makeshift mobile Vespa coffee shop. This is just one of his ventures and we asked him a few questions in order to get to know this entrepreneur and Proud Pretorian.


1. Who is Gavin?

My name is Gavin and I love two things almost equally Vespa’s and Coffee. I think it was Robin Sharma who said…” you know your’e winning when you see yourself being copied.” ….when I first read this it inspired me to try to be original in everything I pursue, I’m intrigued by creativity and design. I enjoy cooking!


You can reach me on Insta @gavstergram_ or @urbanbarista or @cornershopsa, Corner Shop is also on Facebook. Also www.urbanbarista.co.za


2. What is your day job or how do you pay the bills?

I run my little place, Corner Shop in Waterkloof Heights, seven days a week and in between I try juggle Urban Barista Espresso Bar – The coffee bar which is built into a Vespa.


3. Best Coffee in your city?

As I own a coffee business I might be biased, but I love Urban Barista.

(We concur, Urban Barista’s cappuccinos are amazingly smooth and super well priced)


4. Your favourite spot to relax, the ideal day in your city

My favourite place to relax is my own garden on a perfect sunny Pretoria day (330 per year). We have the best weather in the world, so if I’m not chilling at home the ideal way to spend the day is cruising around on my Vespa. I usually start on Church Square, then a game drive over Klapperkop ending with a pizza at my favourite pizzeria.


5. Any plans for future collaborations, events or exciting news?

Urban Barista is still growing and I’ve recently started building the third unit. Corner Shop has started first Thursdays in March. We call it, Ice Cream, Coffee and Rides.

The idea is to promote the shop and our centre. We invite anyone to bring their favourite ride or not…everyone is welcome. We’ll serve ice cream, coffee and good food. The guys from 25° South Distillery were at the first one with their G&T’s. We’ll be partnering with someone for every event. It was a real success and we are looking forward to the next first Thursday on May 2nd. Checkout @cornershopsa for more details.


Written by The Louwkuls

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