15 June 2016

We’re the Louwkuls

By In Life

Hello World

Starting this blog, like most blogs, has been postponed by life’s ridiculous tendency to suck you dry of all energy and time while distracting you with trivialities.

But, before we get  too dramatic, here it is […insert drum roll…] our blog.

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Somewhere on the sand dunes in Arniston, Western Cape

It will pretty much serve as, a photo album, a home video, a logbook or simply an account of our whimsical lives, activities, adventures and passions. The blog will be an extension of our style and interests as well as a place for expression of our hobbies and creative endeavours. It should become a canvas for everything that we enjoy, treasure or feel is worth remembering or debating. Travel, fashion, architecture, photography, food and everything in between, pretty much life.



Autumn in Rome 

The Louwkuls?

Glad you asked! More than just a little wordplay with our surname, this is our philosophy and approach to life. What better way to go about than that of the locals. Be it travel, food, culture or some dodgy remedy  we try to see the world from a local’s, or rather a louwkul’s, perspective. It also doesn’t hurt to make some local friends and get the inside info.

Nice, France

Timed selfies in Nice, France

Whether you stumbled or strayed across our blog doesn’t really matter. You might perhaps find it amusing, helpful, informative or even just plain nonsense but as long as you don`t judge it, as there is no big budget, rich parents or excessive leave days here, just two people, an old Land Rover Defender and a desire to see the world.

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Sani Pass, Lesotho

So, in the spirit of a good old road trip we’re going to figure it out as we go along.


Written by The Louwkuls

a guy, a girl & an old land rover

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