8 November 2016

10 must do’s in Italy

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Probably influenced by our Vespa ride yesterday we felt the need to recap on the 10 must do’s in Italy from our trip back in 2014.

Now, when in Italy you should definitely try the following. Yes the list is 70% food it’s “eat”aly after all.


1. Ride a scooter through the scenic island of Capri

Reckless as it may sound this is probably safer than nr. 10 and it’s also a very good travel hack if you want to visit the Blue grotto.

The best part is you’ll jump the queue at Blue grotto.

2. Eat next to the Rialto bridge

Rookie mistake or not, this expensive meal will blow your taste buds out of this world and it’s not like you’re in Venice every other weekend. (If you are the meal won’t seem expensive.) Vinaria is definitely on our recommendation list!

3. Drink 11% alcoholic beer at Bir and Fud in Rome

This is no typo, 11% beer is for real men and we sampled it thoroughly on your behalf. We also recommend the food here. Even though Adriaan can’t remember it so well.

The beer also prevented us from taking decent photos… The beer library on the right is a few blocks from Bir & Fud

4. Pre-book for the Vatican museum

Queuing is for suckers and this is what you’ll be if you don’t prebook. Unfortunately you can’t jump the queue for St Peter’s but the wait is worth it. Take an umbrella to fight off the sun.

5. Get Tiramisu at Pompi

The best branch is close to the Spanish steps and it will change your life.

6. Aperitivo time like a louwkul

The Italian happy hour normally comes with some free snacks and an Aperol spritz. Go where the crowd is the biggest and consider standing around at the bar it’s normally cheaper.


7. Eat pizza at Pizzeria Da Michele, Naples (eat, pray love)

Yes it’s a cliché, yes you’ll wait about an hour in the queue, but hey, you are here and it’s surprisingly cheap and flavourful. Find it here


8. Drink limoncello

There is nothing as refreshing as an ice cold limoncello especially after a big meal as the Italians do. If you want to take it to the next level go try some limoncello sorbet on Capri.

9. Eat gelato everywhere

It’s no time for holding back, eat all of the gelato. All of it. Do the research as there are famous shops across Italy. We ticked off Gay Odin in Naples.

10. Survive a bus ride in the Amalfi coast

You can’t go to Amalfi without experiencing the thrilling and terrifying bus ride, seeing your life flash before your eyes has never been this real. Pictures don’t do it justice go kill some time on youtube if you have the nerve.


Tell us about your favourite experiences in Italy, we’re itching to go back!


Written by The Louwkuls

a guy, a girl & an old land rover

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